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Current Menus

Chicken Marsala

Unique weekly Homestyle menus are available and ready to order. Limited quantities each week – these will sell out fast so please place your order today so that you can sit back and enjoy the month knowing we have the meal(s) covered for you!

Mother's Day 

NO PREP – just heating & assembly

$175 (Feeds 4-6)
Available for Take Away and Delivery – Friday May 07th

  • Grilled Beef Tenderloin
    Garlic and Herb rubbed, served with a creamy horseradish sauce
  • Constructed Grains and Greens
    Arugula & Red Romaine/ Quinoa & Lentils/ Snap Peas & Watermelon Radish/ Ricotta Salata & Poppyseed Vin
  • Potato Puree
  • Green Top Carrots with tarragon butter
  • Lemon Raspberry Trifle (already assembled)
    lemon curd/ almond cake/ raspberry/ pastry cream and whip

Add On

  • Mother's Day Brunch Bundle | $75 (Serves Four)
    • Denver Style Egg Bake
      ham/ cheddar/ peppers & onions/ hashbrowns
    • Baked Goods
      Caramel Rolls/ Blueberry Coffee Cake/ Chive Biscuits
    • Fruit & Yogurt
      Fresh Fruit/ Greek Yogurt/ Good Morgan's Granola
    • Bottle of bubbly with white peach puree


Due to a prior commitment we will not be offering a HOMESTYLE meal Friday May 14th.


Mediterranean Menu 

$100 (Feeds 4)
Available for Take Away and Delivery – Friday May 21st

  • Spanikopita
    spinach/ feta cheese/ lemon/ puff pastry
  • Grilled Mahi Mahi | gf, df
    Mediterranean spice/ hook and line caught 
  • Cous- Cous | df
    oil cured tomatoes/ herbs/ olives
  • Grilled Zucchini | gf
    garlic/ baba ghanoush spread
  • Honey Cake
    almond/ pistachio/ mascarpone whip

Add On

  • Za'atar Pita Chips and House-Made Hummus | $13
  • Breakfast Burritos $20
  • Good Morgan Granola - GLUTEN FREE | $16

Memorial Day Picnic Menu 

$120 (Feeds 4-6)
Available for Take Away and Delivery – Friday May 28th

  • Muffaletta
    mortadella/ rosemary ham/ finoocchiona/ provolone/ olive mix/ dijonaise/ sesame bread
  • Elote Pasta Salad – roasted jalapeño/ grilled corn/ cotija cheese
  • Marinated Vegetable Salad
    cauliflower/ broccoli/ carrot/ cucumber/ sweet peppers/ baby tomato/ lemon/ olive oil/ herbs
  • Beans Salad
    green beans/ chickpeas/ white bean/ kidney/ pinto/ sweet onion
  • Potato Chips – sour cream chive dip
  • Strawberry Short Cake
    sweet biscuit/ marinated strawberries/ mascarpone whip

Add On

  • Beef Tenderloin Kabobs (8x) | $20
  • Breakfast Sandwiches (4x) | $16
  • Good Morgan Granola - GLUTEN FREE | $16

Each weekly menu is available for Home Delivery 11:30-2:30; 
or Pick Up at The Dining Studio Friday 12:00-4:00 pm.