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Nicky Metchnek

Event Sales Director

Nicky is Create’s Event Sales Director and has been with the company since 2007 when the Dining Studio opened.  Nicky grew up in Minneapolis, jumped across the border to Wisconsin to attend UW Madison for her undergraduate degree, and finished her formal educational endeavors at Loyola University in Chicago where she received her Masters degree in Social Work. She moved back to Minneapolis after graduate school to practice school social work and to marry the love of her life, Gary. She took a break from paid employment to stay home with her boys, Alex and Adam, for seven years at which point, the stars were all in alignment and she found an exciting new career opportunity with Create. She loves working with her clients to help create truly memorable events. From the first phone call, to her post-event check-in, Nicky engages with clients to insure that every detail is tended to and that their vision is brought to life with her help