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According to - The traditional Rehearsal Dinner was favored to be hosted by the Grooms family, but with so many contemporary wedding couples, weddings have grown and shifted over the past ten years. Currently the rehearsal dinner can be a great opportunity for a less casual and more intimate affair. The rehearsal dinner is the perfect opportunity to set the tone for the upcoming wedding ceremony. Once the wedding couple has chosen the date and time it becomes critical to choose the right location, potential theme and ultimately the dinner menu. Often, with the formal wedding and reception the following day, the rehearsal dinner menu can truly be something amazing and special to the couple.

The Dining Studio is a perfect venue to host a Rehearsal Dinner. The studio can accommodate up to fifty guests for a seated dinner. That is perfect for parents and family, the wedding party, ceremony participants, close out-of-town guests. Create event planners can arrange all the thematic details to make the rehearsal dinner truly memorable.

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Event Types

  • Grooms Dinners
  • Bridal Party
  • Same-sex Marriage
  • Commitment Ceremony
  • Small Swank Weddings
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  • Tailored menu quantities and options for passed apps and plated dinner service 
  • Multiple Seating Configurations
  • Specialized Florist Arrangements
  • Outside vendors for linens, and rentals
  • Digital sound-system and PA with microphone
  • Wine, beer and full bar service

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